In 1977, when I was a young man living
in Sweden, I helped Signor Rafael Trifiletti from Naples, Italy, to find a location for his first Swedish pizza restaurant. Today,
40 years later, that pizzeria is still going strong. After having found this great location, Rafael told me if I ever was going to start my own pizzeria I should come to him to learn his recipe – a dough recipe originating from Naples, his birthplace and the birthplace of traditional pizza making.

In 1983, I contacted Signor Trifiletti, as
I was going to open up my first pizzeria. Since then – being both an artist and someone who really enjoys making pizza –
I have taken this recipe to a new level of perfection.

By now, I have opened three pizzerias, two in Sweden and one in Wisconsin. Guests who have eaten my pizzas and also my lasagna - remember that...

Once when I was visiting a bar opposite where my pizzeria once had been in Limhamn, Sweden - when I overheard a conversation and one guy was telling his friend about the pizzeria I had had there,
15 years previously. He told his friend about the pizzas and the lasagnas I had made..

​Of course I introduced myself....

My name is Bjorn Sjogren,
Artist & Pizza maker